Our New Location

e<Meta>Star, LLC, founded in 2001, is proud to announce our new location within the Dulles Technology Corridor.

The Dulles Technology Corridor is referred to the 'Silicon Valley of the East' and is located within Fairfax & Laudoun Counties of Northern Virginia.  As of 2013, nearly 70% of internet traffic goes through Laudoun County alone.  The success of the Dulles Technology Corridor has made Laudoun and Fairfax two of the wealthiest counties in United States.

We are located within the city of Reston, Virginia.  Reston is unique in that the town layout was designed to promote a neighborly and unified community.  Reston was voted the 7th best place to reside in United States.  e<Meta>Star, LLC is very much looking forward to our involvement in the Reston business community. 

e<Meta>Star, LLC
1850 Cameron Glen Drive, Ste 200
Reston, Virginia 20190
Tel. (703)-586-9089
mark [at] emetastar.com