Once upon a time, a small to mid-size business owner could pick up a book on search engine optimization (SEO) and easily do their own internet marketing. Those days are gone!

Aside from a digital marketing strategy becoming critical to remain competitive, the expansion of knowledge needed to promote your brand online is overwhelming for a single business owner. eMetaStar's blog is to keep you up with the latest changes in internet marketing. Additionally, to have an appreciation of the value our services offer for promoting your brand digitally.

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Buyer Persona Container Store

Buyer persona is about understanding, as a whole, the common interests of your targeted consumer.

Buyer persona for The Container Store are those who have common interests of desiring organization in their life.  The Container Store's brand is very well defined and over the years have enjoyed a niche in retailing.  Walk into a Container Store and you'll experience an aura of excitement.  Brightly lit, extremely colorful and organized with products you never imagined for solving your organizational struggles.  Container Store's brand is about high quality products with the most superior customer service in retailing.

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Imagine employees creating web pages and not being all too careful about titles, descriptions and keywords.  And, your web site has become huge.  eMetaStar, LLC has a simple solution.  A web site audit.

What encompasses a web site audit?  For starts, we 'scrape' or crawl your web site just as Google, yahoo or Bing would.  Our audit would begin by determining if Google has indexed your page.  Why is that important?  If it's not indexed, Google doesn't know about it.

Each web page is examined for title, description and keywords.  Keywords are not taken into consideration by Google.  But, they might be considered by other search engines.  Description, though debated as whether it determines rank, is necessary because it's below your link on the search page.  The description is a lure which motivates your searcher to choose your link.

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Link Building - 'Dripping'

seo link dripping

What exactly does the SEO term 'dripping' mean?? Explained simply, you build your links methodically over an extended period of time acceptable to Google and the other Search Engines. What is acceptable?

First, let's explain what links are and why they are important. If you read this blog entry on 'dripping' and you would like readers of your Blog to see it also... You would attach a link on your blog that would take readers to the blog on 'dripping'. For the blog on 'dripping', this is refered to as inbound (aka - backlink) link. An inbound link says to Google, someone felt the information on 'dripping' was important enough to share with their own readers.