Link Building - 'Dripping'

seo link dripping

What exactly does the SEO term 'dripping' mean?? Explained simply, you build your links methodically over an extended period of time acceptable to Google and the other Search Engines. What is acceptable?

First, let's explain what links are and why they are important. If you read this blog entry on 'dripping' and you would like readers of your Blog to see it also... You would attach a link on your blog that would take readers to the blog on 'dripping'. For the blog on 'dripping', this is refered to as inbound (aka - backlink) link. An inbound link says to Google, someone felt the information on 'dripping' was important enough to share with their own readers.

What if you put a link on 'dripping' in your blog and nobody reads it. Let's say, very few people read your blog and hardly anybody will click on the link on 'dripping'. Google's perception, the inbound link to the 'dripping' blog doesn't have much value. No one is going to see it. The inbound link has to be measured for value. SEO's always talk about valuable inbound links. How many people will see the link on 'dripping', click on it and read about it. Makes sense... Delivering important and valueable information to as many internet users quickly. That's what we all want and Google does it well!

Let's go one step further... Contextual links. Your friend who put a link on his blog pointing to your article on 'dripping' used a keyword. In otherwords, as you read, a keyword in the article is underlined indicating it's a link. Let's say the keyword is 'dripping'. Or 'Google Penalties'. Why is this important? In a contextual link, a keyword linking to the 'dripping' blog gives credibility. It's pertinent, meaningful and not 'spam'.

Let's focus on dripping. eMetaStar, LLC, we examine many linking factors of not only your website (the client) but competition as well. Advanced Link Manager, software by Caphyon, gathers backlinks (inbound link) information over chosen periods of time. A graph is generated of date vs. backlinks for the client and competitors. We can see how dramatically backlinks climbed or declined periodically.

The fun part... Corelating search engine position, particularly front page results to our link analysis. Our link evolution indicating how the 'dripping' strategy worked for the client and how well it worked for our competition. And, the factors indicating the value or strength of the inbound links created. Several SEO researchers provide measurements using their own mathematical formulas and spiders.

Two mistakes Blackhat SEO Consultants will do. Purchasing a large quantity of inbound links and launching them at once. And, purchasing links having no relevance to your content. Google simply will penalize you and business will decline.