Content Creation & keyword research

content creation

Content creation & keyword research is the 'sales pitch' connecting buyer persona and motivating optimal conversion rates. 

Content creation and keyword research has a duel purpose of letting search engines properly index your webpage.  And, attracting and motivating your webpage visitor.

Think of it as a librarian who reads the title, description and strongest points of a book.  The librarian, based on observations, categoriizes (indexes) the book making it easy to find in the future.  The 'spiders' and 'bots' comb the web evaluating web site content, indexing as they go.

e<Meta>Star, LLC keyword research is a simple philosophy.  Choose keywords assuring those who seek you find your company.  What makes keyword research an effort is other companies are competing for the same keywords.  Companies using the same keywords all cannot place in the top three search results.

'Choose keywords assuring those who seek you find your company'  

In search engine optimization (SEO), where you place in search results is determined by popularity.  The premise is if your company is more popular than others, your services and products are better than others.  Popularity is traditionally determined by how many people shared your content across the internet. Recently, determination of popularity has expanded into social media.  How many 'shares' and 'likes' you have has become very important.  The other aspect of SEO is inbound linking strategies.  An inbound linking campaign is a vital strategy for promoting your web site and increasing your rankings in the search engines.

Keywords that best represent your content are researched for several factors.  The volume of internet users that used your keyword.  If the volume of searchers using that keyword is high, then it's regarded as competitive.  Looking at the top three results, are the companies well branded.  In other words, does their popularity far exceed your own.  And, those companies have huge budgets to promote their brands, guaranteeing them a top three placement.

Content creation is very important for several obvious reasons.  When a web site visitor comes to your business site, content needs to sell or engage the customer and motivate an action.  Content creation must be insightful, to the point, strategically placed and motivate to action or create desire for more information.  e<Meta>Star, LLC has many analytics tools revealing web site visitor behavior.  Several metrics we examine are bounce rate, CTR