Buyer persona? Knowing your targeted audience is key to a highly optimized and successful internet marketing campaign!

buyer persona

Buyer persona is a generalized perception of our optimal customer. What are the common traits most all of your customers share?

Buyer persona is the key to engaging your audience and optimizing your conversions.  Though the process may seem intuitive, questions to ask include what common problems do my new and current customers share. What is their age group, education, geographic area and financial potential.  And, most importantly, what interests motivates taking action.

How does buyer persona, sometimes also known as marketing persona, play into a digital marketing strategy?  Buyer persona encompasses every aspect of any well planned internet marketing strategy.  Fortunately, in a digital marketing campaign, metrics indicate the strengths of engagement and motivating your visitors.

Metrics such as bounce rate, length of time on site, click through rate and conversion rate are just a few examples of measuring how well your visitors are engaging with your internet marketing campaign.  The purpose of such metrics are twofold.  Aside from indicating the success of engaging visitors, search engines consider such metrics for matching seekers with information they desire.

Search engines job is to match a seeker's questions with the best possible answer.  An internet marketing campaign uses digital technology to help search engines find the most optimal answer.  As digital technology has advanced,  more metrics are considered to assure search engines are giving the best answer.

Metrics such as bounce rate, click through rate and conversion rate indicate the success search engines accomplished delivering the best answer.  Those metrics indicate a visitor stayed on a entry web page, was engaged enough to click for more information and was motivated enough to take an action.

e<Meta>Star, LLC integrates a strong buyer persona or multiple buyer personas into a digital marketing strategy tailored for optimal conversion.