About Us

An internet marketing firm, eMetaStar, LLC provides branding strategies, internet marketing analysis, social media marketing and all other technical methods for providing a supreme digital promotion campaign.

Established in 2001, eMetaStar, LLC was an early developer of web applications. Using both server and client side scripting languages, eMetaStar, LLC produced state of the art powerful web enabled applications for the healthcare industry. As our projects became more complex, our endeavors went on to develop applications with Oracle Technology built upon Linux Servers.

In the mid 2000's, eMetaStar, LLC started moving towards developing advanced content management systems. Our offerings included hosting on Linux VPS, email services plus providing server hardening for the internet and local intranets.

The most creative ideas

In 2016, e<Meta>Star, LLC became an exclusive provider of internet marketing.  Internet marketing has changed dramatically since we began in 2001.  Back then, revolutionary algorithms developed by Google simply measured relevance and importance.  Search engine optimization required a small amount of time from the webmaster relative to developing the website itself.

As new ways of communicating and managing data emerge, methods never thought of before require creativity and ingenuity. Such is the challenge we embrace daily with rigorous enthusiasm! Our creativity is not limited to new technology but applying such to a wide spectrum of businesses.

Creativity is a process by which we listen to understand your business, choose and think of new ways of applying technology. Exciting and challenging at the same time! The benefits of creativity are utilizing powerful technological tools your competitor has yet to embrace. Getting farther ahead of your competition can be the difference between failure and success.

Our hiring practices

e<Meta>Star, LLC is owned by partners who have permanent disabilities.  As such, our policy is to strongly encourage those who suffer from disabilities, whether mental or physical to apply for employment at e<Meta>Star, LLC.  Specifically, those who are categorized as 'special needs' or mentally impaired may in fact offer superior abilities.  Such individuals can show remarkable accomplishments in creative arts and technology.  Our overall mission is to cultivate and apply extraordinary talent whereas other employers would only consider deficiencies.

Additionally, e<Meta>Star, LLC is a strong supporter of the LBGT movement.  Our mission is to cultivate an environment accepting all employees equally regardless of sexual orientation.  We encourage those who feel passionately about LBGT rights to apply for employment.

e<Meta>Star, LLC is an equal opportunity Employer.  We do not discriminate against any potential candidate in regards to race, disability, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.  Our corporate mission is to create an accepting environment that encourages equality.