Nicole L. Smith

Nicole Smith - Partner, Social Media Campaigns

​Nicole L. Smith, e<Meta>Star, LLC Partner, oversees social media marketing.  Nicole brings a wealth of knowledge from her decade long experience in marketing, advertising, digital photography and artwork.

Nicole's career began as a professional model in the fashion industry.  Her superb artistic abilities extends beyond her fine tastes in fashion to having a keen eye in digital photography.

Her formal training in both cosmetology and photography creates unforgettable beauty in her subjects.  Her mix of talents, artistry and natural creativity are ideal for creating powerful social media campaigns with unprecedented magnetism.

Aside from having management responsibilities, Nicole has worked in graphic design for various types of advertising campaigns.  Her graphic design work included creating advertising signs, ads and billboards.  Additionally, Nicole has been trained and certified in welding. She has great pride and takes pleasure in expressing her welding skills creating three dimensional pieces of artwork.

Nicole's expertise includes licensing of creative works, legal aspects of business startups and project management.  As of late, Nicole has begun programming Android applications on Google Cloud's API.