Position Available

Content Marketing Manager

​e<Meta>Star, LLC, established 2001, is an internet marketing firm in Reston, VA.  We seek partners who share a passion exploring and implementing the latest in digital internet marketing techniques.  Digital technology and internet marketing are changing at a breathtaking speed.  As such, were looking for individuals with a mindset of creativity, curiosity and thinking 'out of the box'.

Our internet marketing firm is in the process of building a team of individuals who have a blend of detail orientation, leadership abilities and persistence in problem solving.  A contagious enthusiasm which sets a positive environment with strong collaboration among fellow peers.  A team collaboration encouraging growth in learning new concepts and willingness of mentorship.

Additionally, e<Meta>Star, LLC seeks a commonality of digital marketing skills:

  • ability to engage clients, discern branding needs, formulate digital marketing strategy
  • expertise of SEO techniques, inbound marketing methodology, website audits
  • strong analytical abilities for examining, interpreting and reporting all digital marketing metrics
  • knowledge of search engine web master tools and analytics

A Content Marketing Manager creatively presents information using many forms of digital media enticing a call of action or conversion.  The content creation emphasizes the latest methods of search engine optimization (SEO).  Though, the content creation may expand beyond written text to verbal and visual presentations.  The Content Marketing Manager will work closely with other team members supplying verbiage for inbound marketing, blogging, banner ads, meme' and slide share presentations.  Additionally,  

  • creation and curation of digital content building brand superiority
  • methodologies of promoting positive affirmations using social media.
  • promoting links from highly valued sources
  • fundamental understanding of affiliate marketing