Search engine optimization lost in a huge web site?

Imagine employees creating web pages and not being all too careful about titles, descriptions and keywords.  And, your web site has become huge.  eMetaStar, LLC has a simple solution.  A web site audit.

What encompasses a web site audit?  For starts, we 'scrape' or crawl your web site just as Google, yahoo or Bing would.  Our audit would begin by determining if Google has indexed your page.  Why is that important?  If it's not indexed, Google doesn't know about it.

Each web page is examined for title, description and keywords.  Keywords are not taken into consideration by Google.  But, they might be considered by other search engines.  Description, though debated as whether it determines rank, is necessary because it's below your link on the search page.  The description is a lure which motivates your searcher to choose your link.

The audit looks for broken links, url's that are too long, duplicate titles and if your page allows robots.  An audit is a complete description of various factors keeping you from ranking well relative to your competitors.  Speaking of competitors, you can audit their web sites too.

Lastly, the audit reports your overall MozRank and domain authority.  SEOMOZ, an internet marketing and SEO research firm, has spiders evaluating sites.  SEOMOZ uses MozRank, their own way of measuring strengths of web sites and their external links.  Domain authority, like MozRank, measures the authority for a web site to position high in the ranks relative to their competitors.

Our audit of your web site is critical for having a successful SEO campaign.  Correcting the errors our audit has discovered will greatly increase your chances of reaching front page (SERP) and hopefully top third ranking.