bounce rate

Bounce rate is an important metric which states how many web site visitors came to your site, looked at the web page and left.  What are the possible reasons for a high bounce rate?

  • The correlation between the keywords and content doesn't match what the searcher was seeking.  In other words, SEO is not correlating to the visitor your trying attract.
  • The content the searcher is seeking is there but the web page layout is poorly organized
  • The content doesn't entice the seeker into an action.  In other words, the content doesn't sell the idea of looking at other web page content
  • The web page doesn't look professional.  The web design and presentation takes away any credibility the content may indicate
  • The web page has annoying advertisements and 'pop ups' distracting the visitor away from the content
  • The web site loads slowly
  • The web site lacks the proper navigation for mobile devices.  Or, the web site is not responsive.