Google's #1 ranking sinks lower.

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SEOMOZ, the premier SEO researchers did a study on where exactly Google #1 search result placed on a computer screen.  Search engine companies have known for some time, viewers look at the first three results. (At the top of the page).

This past February 10, SEOMOZ searched with Google using 10,000 keywords in 20 categories.  Vertical positions of results, given in pixels, was calculated.  SEOMOZ chose the keywords with the greatest amount of pixels from the top.

SEOMOZ chose three keywords illustrating the most extreme case of pushing #1 rank towards the bottom of the page.  yMultiple ads, stock tickers, weather graphics and photos filled the top of the search results.

Though SEOMOZ states only the 20 percentile were seriously pushed down, the rest enjoyed good real estate at the top.  However, what is deceptive are the tools used to determine #1 ranking.  The tools indicate you enjoy top position, in fact, your link on may be pushed down significantly. 

Google, as of late, introduced knowledge graph.  Google's mission statement is to provide knowledge rather than an uninformative blue link.  Layout of results page will continue to change and create new SEO challenges.