Internet marketing strategies are constantly changing for the better! Has your business changed with it?

digital marketing strategy

Internet marketing is an umbrella term covering a wide array of digital marketing strategies.  Years ago, search engine optimization (SEO) was the buzz word to promote your company's website.  SEO alone, is not enough!

Today, a wide variety of digital channels give tremendous opportunities to build brand name and increase customer conversions.  e<Meta>Star, LLC specializes in exploring the most optimal methods for your brand niche.  A digital marketing strategy is custom designed to help your business focus on your target audience.  A strategy utilizing the most effective digital channels reaching a target audience with the greatest conversion.

Do you know your buyer's persona ?  Internet marketing has reached the age of providing detailed metrics of your audience's behavior.  e<Meta>Star, LLC helps you understand how well your digital marketing strategy is reaching a targeted audience.  For example, examining demographics, geographical locations, optimal paths leading to the highest sales.

It's not about your website anymore!  It's about a wide array of digital channels delivering messages promoting your company's brand.  Each channel has a different method of expressing a digital sales pitch.  For example, studies have shown visual presentations appeal very well to website visitors.  Hence, having a YouTube presentation embedded into your website is an effective method of promoting brand.

e<Meta>Star, LLC designs and implements channels such as Facebook, Linkedin and other types of social media specific to desired buyer personas.  Just as search engine optimization is important to your website, SEO also is implemented into content on your company's social media pages.  Why is this important?

Social media is an ideal platform for positive affirmations from those who enjoy your brand.  Also, positive affirmations such as 'likes' and shares are taken into consideration for positioning your content high in search rankings.  Combined with keyword optimization, information you post on social media are picked up not only by social media searches but Google and Bing.